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Sunday School is a great opportunity to connect with a smaller group of believers who fellowship and grow together in Christ. In Sunday School, children, youth, and adults gather in small groups to explore the Bible, care and pray for one another, complete service or community projects, have fun, and more. Classes meet each Sunday at 9:45 am between the contemporary and traditional services. EVERYONE is welcome! You can find more information about our current classes below.  

Children & Youth

Child classes are separated by age group:

Nursery  (infants through age 2): Meets downstairs in rooms 101 and 102

Ages 3-4: Meets upstairs in room 216

Grades K-2: Meets upstairs in Room 217

Grades 3-5: Meets upstairs in room 215

Stoked Youth (Grades 6-12): Meets in the Youth Building


There are a variety of classes for adults so that everyone can find a place to fit in!

Bridge Class (Room 208): Ages: mostly 20s and 30s

The Bridge class was originally formed to help young people through transitional periods of their lives. Through the years, the class has grown as a community of believers interested in study, discuss, debate, and grow in faith. Ginger Herring has taught the class for more than a decade, incorporating in-depth Bible studies that focus on social life issues faced today. 

Good News Class (Room 205): Ages: mostly late 40s-70s

In the mid-1980s, the Good News Class was formed by a group who wished to study, work, and grow together in their faith. The group thinks of each other as family, praying for, encouraging, and supporting each other. The door is always open for guests to join in discussions.

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Grace Class (Room 203)Ages: mostly 50s - 70s

The Grace class explores scripture using the Methodist Cokesbury curriculum. Topics focus on the meaning for those living during the time of scripture and how it relates to our lives today. Discussions are open and lively with varied perspectives. Join the Grace class and explore the Bible and share in the joys and burdens as you grow together.  

Koinonia Class (Room 202): Ages: multi-generational

Koinonia, which means "fellowship" in Greek, reflects the mission of the class to be a group of "like-minded" members desiring to study Scripture and grow together in their Christian walk. Lessons focus on the Word of God and how it applies in the twenty-first century. The class comprises a small group who care about, pray for, and encourage each other, and rejoice and weep together. 

NEW Community (Room 206): Ages: mostly 30s and 40s

Group discussion and Bible studies in the NEW Community Class focus on living out one's faith in practical ways, parenting, marriage, living in community, and walking with Christ in a busy world. The group lives in a NEW community: living for Christ, encouraging each other, and thriving in friendship.

Open Door Sunday School Class (Room 204): Ages: mostly 60+

The Open Door class was founded in the late 50s as the young married class, but the members have grown together over the years and continue to be faithful in leading the church. The Sunday School lesson is given by class members and guests on a rotating schedule. 

Trogdon Curtis Wesley Rhoads Class (Room 119): Ages: mostly 50s-90s

Singles, couples, and widows make up this close-knit group that feels more like family. Different class members lead the group each Sunday. 

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