Tempered Still

 Joe Peabody, Jr, our Associate Pastor in 2002, had previous experience with contemporary worship, so he was the primary architect of building our Contemportary Service.  Among other components of the service, Joe recruited church members to form what was referred to as the Praise Band for the Alternative Service. The group settled on the name Tempered Still after researching scripture that fit with our view of what we were trying to accomplish as a band. A favorite Bible verse, Psalm 46:10 says, "Be still and know that I am God." Through our music we are trying to anoint our congregation with the stillness that is required of us to be able to listen to God when He speaks to us. The name, when spelled a different way (tempered steel), conjures up the thought of a process used in the manufacturing of steel, reminding us of how we all, while on this earth, are being shaped and molded and trained to be followers of Christ. 

Joe Peabody led the group as Worship Leader until June of 2005 when he was called upon to move to another area of ministry. Joe asked band member Keith Watson to take over his duties as worship leader when he left in 2005. A few members of the group have come and gone over the years, but the primary numbers have remained. 

The  Praise Band is comprised of skilled singers and musicians. All are welcomed to audition for the group by contacting Keith Watson at KeithWatson@bowen-watson.com .