Altar Guild


Meaning of the Altar Guild

Our Altar Guild is dedicated to helping provide and maintain a sincere, spiritual, and beautiful atmosphere of worship at Toccoa First United Methodist Church.


The Altar Guild is composed of persons who are interested in creating an atmosphere of worship and beauty in our church.  Three or more members are assigned for particular month of the year to perform all duties in regard to the Sanctuary and the Cheek Hall.  Each year the months are rotated; consequently, one group does not have the same month year after year.  The chairperson for each month will be notified in advance and the duties of the month outlined.  In turn, she will be responsible for contacting the members of her group.  

There are two Altar Guild's:  one for the Traditional Service and one for the Contemporary Service.  Each will be responsible for preparation of worship space.  The first of each month, both services observe communion and the Altar Guild will be responsible for preparing the communion table.  Each worship place has different duties unique for their service.

If you ever have a problem or need help with the Traditional Service Altar Guild, contact Debbie Kay (706-898-5010) or Rebecca Taylor (706-491-4466).

If you have a problem or need help with the Contemporary Service Altar Guild, contact Melissa Plaisted (706-886-6672 or