Bereavement Meal Committee

We provide the bereavement meal for the family of any church member who passes away. Also, if a close family member of a church member passes away without the benefit of a church home, we are happy to provide a bereavement meal for that family. 

How the Committee Works

Glenda Bullard (706-886-9668- home, 706-491-4321– cell) is the committee chair. She will call the family or funeral home and determine the preferred time of the meal, and approximate number attending the meal. (Karen Law (706-491-0969) is Glenda's co-chair) Glenda will then contact Susan Turner (Group A) or Suzy Bellamy (Group B), depending upon whose team is next. Group A and Group B are used alternately. The Food Teams under Susan and Suzy are also alternated. No one is called on twice in a row to do a meal. 

Leaders Susan and Suzy are responsible for contacting their Food Team Leaders, and for purchasing the fried chicken, pies, rolls and tea for the meal. The Food Team Leaders contact their team members.

We currently have ten food teams, (five food teams under Susan, and five teams under Suzy) consisting of a Team Leader and another four to six team members who prepare dishes according to a prescribed menu. Food teams are utilized according to the quantity of people being served by the meal. One food team menu, along with the fried chicken, pies, tea and rolls purchased by Susan or Suzy, will feed 25 people. Usually, Susan or Suzy, and the food team leaders, along with a couple of team members, will assist with the preparation, serving and cleanup of the meal. 

Please contact Glenda Bullard if you are interested in serving on a Food Team for this special ministry.